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Sleeping Grace

Eyelids shaped C, soul in repose. few soft grass, on beloved chin, moments feel, face contours, laughter sleeps, with grace, my breath touched yours, mixed, we are one.   Advertisements

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Sky cries we call it rainfall and rejoice.

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Spider weaves delicate white house hanging down.  

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Immortality, Sun and Moon can claim to be, Man can only dream.

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Originally posted on A year of reading the world:
The tiny Kingdom of Swaziland doesn’t sound too promising when you’re on the hunt for world literature. According to the CIA World Factbook, it has the globe’s lowest life expectancy, with…

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Freedom left, violence stole peace, curfew restricts, birds told, don’t fly, wings fluttering, wind blows, news from far, fear imprisons, inhumanity seen, again, why kill souls, you can’t create, for a whim.

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Originally posted on The Noise of Silence:
To know who you are To be satisfied Comfortable With your own self image Is the key to happiness But to know who you are NOT And accept it Gracefully And without regret…

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