What is wrong with Nigerian Politicians.

I saw a lavish wedding in Ovation magazine.The daughter of an ex-governor who served two terms was getting married.The wedding pictures would have been beautiful if it wasn’t clear that they were using their states money.

The money they used in entertaining their guest would have improved the lives of their people.Why are the leaders not held accountable for failure to use the money allocated for their states?

Why do our leaders seem to worship God so readily?. They are always going to visit places of worship.They seem to lack a conscience and have never met kindness and sympathy.

What is wrong with my country’s politicians that makes them so greedy and selfish?.

A house of representative receives 40 million quarterly yet their is no money to pay for minimum wages.If Nigeria has been good to you.She selected you to serve her and paid you well for your service.

Then what stops you from investing in a textile firm in your locality.Not only will you create jobs for the people but you will get richer.

What is wrong with 97% of Nigerians that are contended to be cheated by the evil 3%.What makes us so helpless that we are happy to stay in a limbo.


About husysweet

I am a Muslim lady.I lurve reading and writing.I love manga and anime.My favourite anime in the world is Kishimoto Masashi's Naruto.I love Bleach too.I am a twin.I like glancing through newspapers and feeling drizzling rain on my eyelashes.I believe in One God who created the universe because if we had more than One God, they will keep fighting about the colour of the sky.I think too much.I am a Nigerian woman and sometimes it is hard to be a woman because you are taken for granted.
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