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Dancing Leaves

Wind played melody of sandstorms she raged to her heart content leaves danced to the tempo their spirits free of the tree harmattan  has arrived dancing leaves spry in dotage obey gravity you step on their remains lone leaf danced … Continue reading

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Sky Cries

Sky cries soft tears teasing eyelids happy tears   Sky cries love poems falling threads caught one   Skies cries linking us somewhere you feel it too   Sky cries kissing Earth painting him Green,rebirth.

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Forever Young

She owned a short life, Each year she laughed, the sun smiled on her, she sat down, held the sand in her soft palms she played with abandon, death came at sixteen, her dreams lost, her voice a memory, 16 … Continue reading

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Five Haiku

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Originally posted on Monna McDiarmid:
She and I enter the elevator. As always, in Japan, we move to the back and slide like shoji* into our respective spaces, giving each other room while saving the other the embarrassment of eye…

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Remembrance [a cinquain]

Her smile is etched inside my heart where she lives in my memories always.  

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Angel Eyes.

Ray of light, door opened dust floating Eyes stare for eons wondering at their creation. Each fleck is beautiful yet world is blind.

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