The day we met,

My heart paused;

Gasped for breath

Lady found oxygen.


The day we met,

Heartbeat changed.

Today it still

Beats  with hope.


The day we met;

I met laughter.

When laughter comes again,

I will know him.


The day we met,

Heart  broke

In to songs

Of  happiness.


The day we met

I saw love.

When love comes again

I will know him.




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Firefly To A Flame.

Light burns


Firefly dances

round the flames;

brush means death.

hypnotised she draws near.

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The Brain



 Organ always busy 

creating trouble.









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Fallen Giant Haiku 俳句


Memoirs of a Dragon

Tidal throne adrift

cast out as unworthy bark

yet weathers all gales

Fallen Giant II

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The Heart.












Small machine,

 invisible threads pumps

 blood for life.


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The World.

Long have I wonder;

If the world has space for me.

Each happiness I earn,

She takes her share.


Long have I wonder

At destiny; she chose

Some for happiness,

Some for pain.


Long have I wonder;

At my destiny,

I Struggle each day

To be someone.


Long have I wonder;

What is happiness.

Am I searching

For illusions?

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Mirror Tells Me.


Mirror tells me


She says your

Face looks pretty

With powder,


She says Eyeliner

Paints your eyes


Mirror Whispers

You are serious.

I make funny


Mirror tells me


I curve my lips

Until  my jaws hurts.

Mirror teaches me,

How to pose

For my Facebook


I smile

At her

Lift my eyebrows,

Mirror tells me,

You are laughter,

Always happy.

Mirror tells me


She says the

Gap on your teeth

Is on the wrong side,

Mirror is blind,

To my heart,

She never knows,

That in the mornings,

I see you,

In my reflection,

Mirror knows me not,

She can’t hear,

The sound of my


She never will.



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