Information Technology has both positive and negative impact on Education.It is up to the individual to find a balance.

Impact of Information Systems on Society

Information technology is transforming the world of education. The traditional model of classroom education is being challenged by models that enhance and change the way that classroom education operates and online education is expanding quickly.

This week we will look at four topics. First, how is IT impacting learning, which we will do through examination of a study by Educause. Next, we’ll examine the case AGAINST the increasing prevalence of information technology in education as made by David Noble. An introduction will be provided to the theory on models of learning, or pedagogy, to assist consideration of how information technology might be applied and finally we will look at a case study – the MMSc in the Management of Technology, delivered online from the University of Waterloo.

How is information technology impacting current learning?

We will look at how IT is impacting learning today in two ways. Educause is an organisation…

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