The Sky Remains Blue.

In Africa we stare

At the Sky.Image

She is blue

A deep hue,

Over the forest

Arid desert,

She is blue.

 In Asia she is living,

Blue ceiling


Above the sea

A deep blue.

In  Antarctica

She watches

White land

White meets blue.

Sky remains blue.

Culture shifts in hues.

We are all humans.

Sharing the Sky.



About husysweet

I am a Muslim lady.I lurve reading and writing.I love manga and anime.My favourite anime in the world is Kishimoto Masashi's Naruto.I love Bleach too.I am a twin.I like glancing through newspapers and feeling drizzling rain on my eyelashes.I believe in One God who created the universe because if we had more than One God, they will keep fighting about the colour of the sky.I think too much.I am a Nigerian woman and sometimes it is hard to be a woman because you are taken for granted.
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2 Responses to The Sky Remains Blue.

  1. shrinksarentcheap says:

    i love the last lines.

  2. husysweet says:

    Thank you very much.

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